We think out of the box and look for the best solutions for our customers

Everything according to the books and run of the mill? Not with us. Your requirements are always analysed by us from various angles in order to find the best functional and technical solution for you.

We do not sell off-the-peg products. We always look for functionally and technically excellent solutions for our customers, which implement their requirements in the best possible way. This is only possible because we have a wealth of experience and are constantly self improving.

Nils Hasenbanck

Nils Hasenbanck

Founder of Tsukisoft GmbH

Who we are

We are a team of technology enthusiasts who try to program innovative, high-performance and secure software and IT solutions every day. We exclusively use agile development methods and digitalised processes to achieve the best possible result for our customers’ requirements.

Our mission

The mission of Tsukisoft GmbH is the development of functionally and technically excellent software and IT solutions. For this purpose, we use established processes and techniques as well as the latest innovations. An important part of our mission is to write secure and performant software. For this reason, we are strong advocates of secure system programming languages such as Rust.

Fun facts about us

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Remote work share

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Average languages spoken

Mobile first

Mobile working is standard for us. This allows us to retain talents that have traditionally been disadvantaged. All employees have the opportunity to work in a co-working space.

Remote first

As our team is decentralised, all our processes are designed so that we can do our work remotely. Of course, our processes meet the highest security requirements.

Digital first

Our work culture demands that all our processes are digitalised. This enables us to manage our daily work effectively and efficiently.

Our office culture

We love mobile working. Would you still like a fixed place in the office? No problem: Co-working spaces are always available for our employees.

Want to Join our Team?

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